The Importance of Thought Leadership Marketing with Disney

Like any industry front-runner in today’s marketing sphere, The Walt Disney Company has thought leaders within each section of their organization.  These leaders think innovatively and out of the box when it comes to creative projects and research ideas to pursue.  Outstanding individuals are what drive the company as a whole to the success and achievement it has earned.  These corporate thought leaders work within the company to advance the organization at large.

The Walt Disney Company as a whole also serves as a thought leader in the family entertainment and vacation industry today.  As such, it is recognized by competitors and consumers as the ground-breaker that demands authority and succeeds in its’ specific area of expertise.


Thought leadership marketing is “Using a variety of media– blogging, social media, websites, video, whitepapers, books, e-books, webinars, speaking appearances, etc. — thought leadership marketing aims to earn trust, build credibility and develop recognition that differentiated you from your competition” (Professor Sweet, Digital Marketing).  While it is not intellectual capital or subject matter expertise, thought leadership marketing is “about developing, capturing, and marketing your intellectual capital” (Professor Sweet, Digital Marketing).

The Walt Disney Company uses thought leadership marketing to share content about the industry at large with its’ consumers instead of just trying to sell products.  It also consistently keeps the viewer in mind and caters to their questions and interests instead of strictly those within the organization.  As an extension of the brand, thought leadership marketing has benefited The Walt Disney Company greatly in its perception and credibility.

What are some other companies/organizations or individuals which also serve as thought leaders in the family entertainment industry?  What other names come to mind when you think about thought leadership marketing?